Is your paperwork up to date?

Most policies need to be reviewed annually. Regulated services will not win new business if this is not carried out and evidenced.

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Do you have the right staff blend?

Running a successful business means ensuring that you have the correctly trained and skilled staff equally is the business at risk of any catastrophic failure?

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Skills Matrix

One of the significant challanges most companies face is staffing and ensuring the skills are right for the business. We work with our analysis tool to identify gaps and recommend areas to consider training or recruitment, or, use to indicate in the corporate risk review. We provide a modified tool for continued use.


Risk Management

Risk management is important to focus the mind on ensuring that areas of the business where a failure could have a catastrophic impact are analysed and countermeasures successfully implemented.  Our approach is to analayse and formulate an action plan for measures and assist in scoring the risks.



When you manage a business it is important that you have clear policies whether it is for your staff or clients and these documents are reviewed, updated and made availalable on request. The number of policies you have will be dependent on the industry sector. We are happy to develop a policies providing governance for your business.



Accreditations are important in differentiating businesses and also validating your services are fit for purpose.  If you provide a regulated service your policies, business processes are fundamental. They demonstrate checks, balances, controls and measures are in place to demonstrate professionalism to your new and existing clients.



Most businesses, especially the small and medium enterprise work extremely hard at taking a product or service to market but often do not stay on to of the management and governance required in business.  Making decisions for the business are often choices of should we do something or not and often based on external influences dictating the decision at that point in time. In the last 15-years, having worked with many businesses across different sectors the most successful ones are those that "plan for review".  What is meant by this is the governance dictates that you review and modify you company focus based on prompts and data but also the analysis is designed to highlight areas where the owner, board or senior staff should focus.

Our services fit in to two main categories, Management, and, Governance.

Kingscavil Associates, was founded in 2004, and for the past 15-years have helped and advised businesses to deliver management controls and governance.

Information Audit

With GDPR your information management and controls, for both electronic and printed data, need to be up to date, maticulously managed and actions logged so as not to expose the organisation.


Management Controls

In business it is important to not only have checks and balances it is equally important that these are demonstrated. Controls cover Financial, Personnel and Strategic decisions.











Our Services

We work with you at every stage of an engagement to ensure the deliverable is fit for purpose, i.e. it is not "one size fits all".

Obviously some areas are not applicable to certain businesses, e.g. if you do not work with children you might not need a "Child Protection Policy". Equally if you are a business without a full set of policies and your success in responding to a tender is subject to the measures and controls you have in looking after vulnerable people then not having a policy could have significant consequences.

Equally it is important that each business should consider certifications and registrations which will confirm professional standing. These can be both time consuming and complex especially for a businesses that are doing the paperwork for the first time.

All our services are transferable across sector but below gives a flavour of popular services in particular sectors.